Frequently Asked Questions
By default we only allow access to: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, Whoer.net.

Need access to something else? Send us a message and we will evaluate your request.
If your bot or tool supports HTTP proxies - yes.

Jarvee and FollowLiker are confirmed to be working with our HTTP proxies.
Guaranteeing 100% uptime would be a lie, but we really put our heart to be as close as possible to it.
On top of this, should any issue arise, we have been fixing them in 30 to 60 minutes max most of the times after client notified us.
NO. We own everything, from the hardware to all the custom code that make running AirProxy so finely... except for the location, which rent is paid upfront for a full year. We are here to stay.
We are located in a server room at the 6th and last floor of a commercial building in Padova.
On the roof we have Vodafone repeaters, and 200 meters away a TIM cell tower.

We run on dedicated symmetrical fiber to the home.
YES. We have some special prices for orders of 10+, 20+ and 30+ proxies. Send us a message to have a chat about it.
Yes. Instagram doesn't currently take in consideration the IP Geolocation when logging in from a mobile IP.

It's surely better to run an account on a wrong location from a mobile proxy rather than from the right one on a Datacenter's.
    1. They have an high level of trust on social networks. This, as a result, avoids action/like blocks
    2. Mobile connections are used by legit user, datacenter's aren't
    3. They can't be blacklisted. Doing it would mean blocking many other "legit" users (see next FAQ).
    4. Most of the times they bypass email/phone verification at login.
Mobile carriers have only a limited number of IPs available, but they also have millions of customers. How can they make every of their customers browse the internet? They assign the same IP to more users at the same time.

Vodafone Italia, for example, runs all of its mobile network using only two subnets, 5.90.x.x and 37.159.x.x. Each of them has 65,536 IPs, for a total of 131,000.

At 31st March 2018 they have 22,284 millions clients = 170 customers on each IP.

This is a big advantage when using mobile IPs for social networks automation. The platform can't blacklist the subnets (as very often happens with Datacenter proxies) because it's IPs are being used by legit users.

Datacenter/VPS/cloud subnets are being constantly banned since only spammers and zero legit users use them and for this reason you can't like or follow by default using their proxies most of the times.
Not yet, but we plan to implement it in January 2019.

If you own a Facebook group related to Instagram marketing, SMM in general, a forum or any other website that can send targeted traffic our way and want to monetize it contact us now.

We will keep in touch closely and will check what can be done together.
It's due to how the mobile network assign its IPs.

Datacenters assign one IP to one user only. This means that if you run accounts there, Instagram knows the certain number of accounts your are running as that IP is only assigned to you.

The mobile networks works differently from all the others.

Due to IP exhaustion and the enormous number of mobile devices they assign 1 IP to many users.
You can understand that due to this, social media sites (such as IG) can't know how many accounts each user is running anymore since the same IP gets assigned to many users.

10 accounts per IP is the sweetspot we found after three months of testing. It never caused any problem.

Fun fact: we did some math and saw that Vodafone assigns 1 IP to max 169 users and TIM assigns 1 IP to max 160. This numbers take in consideration the fact that every user of the carrier is using 4G connection and all at the same which, of course, will never happen. The realistic number of users per IP is surely lower (30? 50?).