Frequently Asked Questions
You can browse any site by default. We don't restrict access to specific sites (such as Instagram or Facebook only).
We recommend a maximum of 8-10 accounts per proxy, per platform.

Example (on a single proxy):
○ 10x Instagram
○ 8x Facebook
○ 8x Twitter
○ 8x Pinterest
Our proxies are located in Europe (Italy).
Yes. Instagram doesn't take into consideration the geolocation of the IP when it's a mobile one.
Just make sure your clients are aware you are going to use an Italian connection due to technical reasons.
The connection bandwidth is up to 50Mbps fast with response times as low as 350-700ms.
We have an average uptime of 99.95%. Every single proxy is monitored with the help of Zabbix, a monitoring tool that promptly alert us in case of issues.

Furthermore, our network is protected from DDoS attacks with a custom anti-DDoS solution.