Tired of action blocks?

Our mobile proxies reduce follow and like blocks and give you 90% less verifications at login.

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Datacenter or Mobile?

Find out why using our 4G/LTE proxies is safer and more efficient for your clients accounts


  • 1/5€ month (max 1 account/proxy)
  • Follow & Like blocks
  • Risk of banned accounts
  • Legit users never connect from a datacenter IP
  • IG knows you are using a proxy
  • Lowers account trust score
  • Might get your account in a login loop
  • IP belongs to a datacenter
  • Cannot change IP when you like


Dedicated mobile proxies

  • 90€ per month. Unlimited accounts (we suggest ~10 per proxy).
  • No hard blocks on likes
  • 0 risk of getting banned because of the proxy
  • Same connection used by legit users
  • IG thinks you are using a data connection on your mobile
  • Improves account trust score
  • IP belongs to a mobile carrier
  • Can change IP whenever you want or need

Main features:

  • Proxies location: ITALY
  • 7/7 friendly and FAST support
  • Possibility to change IP automatically
  • Instant delivery after payment
  • Up to 10 accounts per proxy
  • Dedicated connection
    SIM card is rented only to you


Stop compromising quality for a few euros saved per account, get on board!

87 / proxy / 30 days

Unlimited accounts per proxy (10/proxy recommended)
Instant delivery after payment
Unlimited data plan on every proxy's sim card
Custom IP rotation
99.40% uptime

Need more than 10 proxies?

We offer discounted prices to agencies

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubt or question not covered in the FAQ send us a message, we are always happy to explain what it's not clear yet.

We only have italian proxies.
10 is the sweet spot. You surely can run more but we don't advise and don't take any responsibility if you do. 10 accounts per proxy give zero issues.
Despite the initial price may seem high, you have to notice that running 10 accounts on each brings the price at 9€/account per month. Very reasonable if you think you will be running your clients accounts without the fear of not delivering what they are paying you for or getting their accounts suspended because you attached them to a bad proxy.
Sure. We want you to see the difference yourself. Register an account and send us a message with your username, we will issue a 24-48 hours test.