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Datacenter or Mobile?

Find out why using our 4G/LTE proxies is safer and more efficient for your operations


  • Easily detectable
  • Legit users don't connect from datacenter IPs
  • Risk of banned accounts
  • Raises red flags
  • Lowers account trust score
  • Cannot change IP on demand


Airproxy Mobile Proxies

  • Undetectable
  • IP, TTL, MTU, DNS and TCP/IP of a normal 4G connection
  • Dedicated sim card, as a legit user
  • No risk of getting banned because of the proxy
  • Increase account trust score
  • Can change IP at any time, even automatically

Core features:

  • Unlimited data
    No fixed limits, no throttling and low latencies.
  • Tax invoice
    Running a business? Write off your proxy expenses
  • Automatic IP change
    Set a random interval or use our API to change the IP at anytime
  • Instant delivery
    No setup time, proxies are already installed on our infrastructure
  • Clean IPs
    Our IPs are not detected as proxy/VPN and have a 0% Spam & Fraud score
  • Dedicated SIM card
    No sharing. Your proxy, your dedicated sim card


Take a look at one of our server rooms 👀

Try it for 72 hours at 9.90€

No scammy automatic renewals. Keep it for another 30 days only if you decide to renew it manually.


Stop compromising your operations with bad proxies, get on board!

87 / proxy / 30 days

Unlimited accounts per proxy (8-10 recommended)
Unlimited data on a dedicated sim card
Custom IP rotation
99.96% average uptime
Instant delivery after payment

Need more than a few proxies?

We offer heavily discounted prices for larger orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any doubt or question not covered in the FAQ? Send us a message, we are always available to help.

Our proxies are located in Europe (Italy).
We recommend to use 8-10 accounts per proxy (and per platform).
For example, on a single proxy, you can use: 10 Instagram, 8 Twitter, 8 Facebook.
Yes. Instagram doesn't take in consideration the geolocation of the IP if it's a mobile one.
All proxies can rotate the IP at a custom set interval (e.g.: every 15-60 minutes) or on command via the My Proxies page.
An API which lets you change the IP each time you load a special link is also available.
We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards for automatic delivery.
BTC and Wire Transfers are also available, but require a manual delivery.