Dedicated Mobile Proxies


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Datacenter or Mobile?

Find out why using our 4G mobile proxies is safer and more efficient for your operations


  • Easily detectable
  • Legit users don't connect from datacenter IPs
  • Low IP trust score
  • Lowers accounts trust score
  • Can't change IP on demand


Airproxy Mobile Proxies

  • Undetectable
  • Legit users connects from mobile IPs
  • High IP trust score
  • Increases accounts trust score
  • Can rotate IP via API or automatically

Core features:

  • Unlimited data
    No fixed limits, no throttling and low latencies.
  • Tax invoice
    Running a business? Write off your proxy expenses
  • Automatic IP change
    Set a random interval or use our API to change the IP at anytime
  • Instant delivery
    No setup time, proxies are already installed on our infrastructure
  • Clean IPs
    Our IPs are not detected as proxy/VPN and have a 0% Spam & Fraud score
  • Dedicated SIM card
    No sharing. Your proxy, your dedicated sim card


Take a look at one of our two server rooms

Try it for 72 hours at 9.90€

No automatic renewal. Keep the proxy for the next 30 days only if you decide to renew it manually.


Get your hands on some of the most powerful mobile proxies available and manage them from your control panel.

87 / proxy / 30 days

Unlimited Bandwith
Dedicated Sim Card
API Access
Custom Rotation Time
Instant Delivery

Need more than a few proxies?

We offer heavily discounted prices for larger orders
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any doubt or question not covered in the FAQ? Send us a message, we are always available to help.

Our proxies are located in Europe (Italy).
While the proxy doesn't have any technical limitation on the number of accounts you can connect to it, we recommend to use 8-10 accounts per proxy (and per platform).
For example, on a single proxy, you could use: 10 Instagram, 8 Twitter, 8 Facebook.
We have an average uptime of 99.95%. Every single proxy is monitored with the help of Zabbix, a monitoring tool that promptly alert us in case of issues.

Furthermore, our network is protected from DDoS attacks with a custom anti-DDoS solution.
All proxies can rotate the IP at a custom interval (e.g.: every 15-60 minutes) set on the control panel or by clicking the "Change IP" button.
An API which lets you change the IP each time you load a special link is also available.
We accept Credit/Debit Cards and Bitcoins (instant and automatic delivery).
Wire Transfers are also accepted, but require a manual delivery.