How does the mobile network works and how to use 5-20 Instagram per proxy



How do carriers operate and assign IPs?

Mobile operators usually have millions of subscribers but own a limited number of IP addresses (usually 64.000 - 130.000 each).
They are therefore forced to assign the same IP to more than 1 subscriber (carrier-grade NAT)., which translates into many subscribers (30-100+) of the carrier getting assigned the same IP concurrently.


How can we exploit this to our advantage?

Instagram has to allow many accounts to be connected from the same 4G IP because this is what happens everyday between normal people that aren't automating. In order to use the same mobile proxy on the highest number of accounts possible, without compromising on the safeness, we need to replicate what happens in real life.


What happens in real life?

30-100+ users with the same 4G IP assigned by the carrier.
We can estimate that 20-40% of them have an Instagram account and browse it daily.

Instagram can't put a low threshold to the maximum number of accounts connected to the same mobile IP, because it would risk hitting real users. They need to check other parameters to try to understand if the accounts on the same IP are managed by the same person or are part of a spam group.

For example, they can check if the accounts share some footprints like:
• the same link in bio?
• same profile picture?
• sending the same DM?
• writing the same comment?
• created on the same device? and so on)

If you are managing client accounts, these footprints are something you don't have to worry about, because the accounts are real people ones, created on different IPs and devices, with a long history of legit behavior. 

There is however one thing you need to take care of, and it's the time frame in which these accounts operate.

They can easily spot if 5+ accounts on the same IP are starting their actions every day at the same time.
This is not something that can happen in real life, as different people on the same IP will have nothing in common, and the chance that 5+ of them start following at the same exact time is zero.

For this reason, it's very important that you run those accounts at different shifts, simulating then a real-life scenario.

A real-life scenario consists of 10-15 accounts that do actions but at totally random times in Instagram's eyes. 


How to run 8-10 accounts on a single proxy

The best way to do this is by setting a nightmode different for each account.

You can set it from the account Advanced Settings in Jarvee (SOCIAL PROFILES - click on the account - Show Advanced Settings - Enable nightmode).



Account #1: nightmode from 22:00 - 04:00
Account #2: nightmode from 04:00 - 10:00
Account #3: nightmode from 08:00 - 12:00
Account #4: nightmode from 09:30 - 14:00
Account #5: nightmode from 16:00 - 22:00
... and so on...

You don't have to think much about it, set a random 4-8 hours nightmode (preferably when your client is likely to not be using the account on its phone) and that's it.

Another important thing is to add one more account per proxy every few hours or more and not 10 at the same time.



Can I overlap actions on multiple accounts?
Yes, that's fine as it's exactly what already happens in real life. I would keep a maximum of ~5 active accounts at the time.

How many accounts per proxy?
While we do not set any technical limit on the proxies, we suggest staying at ~10 accounts per proxy. 
The more skilled you are and the better the trust score of the accounts, the more you can put. And vice versa.

Is it better to only have one account running at any time?
Naturally, the fewer accounts running at the same time, the less risk of errors that could trigger some blocks.
However, running only one account at a time is an extreme choice, and it's not necessary. You can stick to 4-5 running accounts at any time.

How do I know when I've put too many accounts on the proxy?
What I like to do is loading one account every 2-6 hours till I've reached 7 accounts on the proxy.
From there I add one account every 24-48 hours and monitor the situation. If I see blocks on all the accounts after adding the last one, I know that Instagram spotted something and I should take the last off.

Generally, if you are doing client management, the accounts trust score isn't destroyed, and you aren't doing anything stupid (like running all the accounts at the same exact times), 8-10 accounts are always possible.

I've set a different nightmode for each account but I can't put more than 5-7 accounts on the proxy, why?
If everything else is set up fine, it's usually related to the trust score of the accounts. If most of the accounts you put on the proxy have a really bad reputation in Instagram eyes, you won't be able to surpass these numbers without extending the blocks to the clean accounts too. 

What worked for a client that had a lot of PV issues before moving to our proxy was to use a 3:10 ratio on the proxy. 3 bad accounts and 7 good ones on the same proxy. PV issues disappeared and the accounts started running better.

We can't know how exactly Instagram works on this side, but we can assume that if the average trust score of the accounts on a certain IP is below their threshold, the other accounts will be marked as a possible "threat" too. On the other side, if you mix your bad apple with many good ones, you'll probably make it away from an IP/trust perspective (all the other Instagram checks still apply).