[FAQ - JARVEE SETTINGS] Scrapers (for both EB and API)

What is a scraper?

It's an account used only for scraping the users that will be followed/unfollowed/liked/etc by the main account.
It can be a freshly registered account with 0 followers and 0 posts.


Does the scraper require a 4G proxy?

No, you can use the cheapest Datacenter or IPv6 proxy you find or no proxies at all and use your VPS IP.
Avoid putting scraper accounts on the same proxy as your mains.


Why is a scraper required?

1. Jarvee isn't sending Clients Events for scraping actions yet
2. Many API calls lead to PV, AC and/or blocks.


Can I use a scraper for more mains?

Yes, but only if you are ok having the same sources used on both mains.
If you have three tattoo niche accounts you can use the same scraper for all of them.
If you need specific sources for each of your main accounts, a scraper for each main is required.


My scraper got a PV/AC, what do?

Use a service like getsmscode to solve the PV and set Jarvee to automatically solve the ACs for accounts tagged as "scrapers".
Scrapers are churn and burn accounts, you can do whatever you want on them and, if they get banned for any reason, you can replace them with others.


How can I get all the scrapers I need?

You can register them manually or buy them here (the 45c ones are more than enough). Buying them is always preferred.