What changed in the "new" API?

The API is the same as before. Jarvee developers added logging_client_events in addition to the usual API calls made.

What are logging_client_events and why are they important?

Clients Events are data that the real Instagram app sends to a specific API endpoint every time you do a Follow, Like, Story View, Comment or even just scroll the feed and view a video. They use this data to track how you use the app and to determine if you are a fake device (bot) or a real one.

Since Instagram wasn't checking if you sent this data (or didn't care) before June, and since implementing them correctly in a bot it's an extremely long and complicated task for a developer, no bot had this option yet.

Emulating correctly the Clients Events sent by the real app means that everything that happens on Jarvee is the same that would happen on a real phone. When the bot can emulate the real app at perfection, there are no differences between a phone and the bot.

Note: even real devices on 4G/residential legit connections face blocks. Expecting to never be blocked just because you are now emulating a phone better and you have a good 4G proxy is a utopia. Instagram can and does check your actions, your accounts past behavior (you can be punished for stuff you did weeks/months ago), trust score and spam reports received by other users against your account. Automation is like a puzzle, you need all pieces in order to complete it. The proxy is one piece, good settings are another, a good bot is another too, etc. Respect the limits and play smartly. 


Do you get AC using Full API Emulation?

Scraper accounts: yes they could get some ACs due to the scraping (they are churn and burn anyway).
Main accounts: the chances of ACs are close to zero (2 AC on 700 clients accounts sample).

How to deal with blocked accounts?

If the account has a block with an expiration date, leave the account stopped (all tools set to OFF) until the end of the block plus 1-2 days and move to API after.
If the account got an AC, leave the account stopped (all tools set to OFF) for 1-2 days and move the account to API after.


Which actions are supported on with the Full API Emulation?

Mute after Follow
Like (not after follow)

The following aren't supported yet:
Like comments
Delete comments
Story Views
Edit Profile (coming soon)
Block (coming soon)