Please check the Scrapers FAQ page before starting.

The scraper settings are the same as for the 'Full API Emulation'.


[SCRAPER] Adding the account in Jarvee/MP

Purchase the accounts you need here (AirProxy is not affiliated with the seller, we suggest him because it's the best bang for the buck). The cheapest ones I linked are fine, buying the more expensive won't add any benefit.

The accounts will come in this format: email,password,username
Use the account email (and not the username) in Jarvee when adding the account.

The email coming with the accounts it's the original mail where the account was registered on and it's active. It's only accessible with POP3. Check below to know how to retrieve the 6-digit code in case of Email Verification.

Add the scraper account to Jarvee and do not verify it.


[SCRAPER] Advanced Settings

Verify the account now, and solve the eventual Email Verification.

After IG has sent the code to the email, go here to recover the code. You should provide the email:password (with the colon as separator, not the comma) and have "Code" selected.

Now that the account is VALID, tag it as "SCRAPER".

Now copy all the follow/like sources you had in the main account to your scraper.



[SCRAPER] Follow Tool settings

Now scroll down and set all the filters you need on the scraper Follow tool (the main account will have zero filters set on the Follow tool). Here's an example:


[SCRAPER] Follow Sources

Add all the sources you had on your main account (and some more).


[SCRAPER] Extracted Users

Set it up to send the scraped users to your main account.

I suggest keeping a limit of 200 scraped users per account because having more wouldn't add any benefit but would increase the scraper workload of API calls.

Select these two options:


And now select the account where the scraper will send the scraped users to (your main account):

All done for the scraper.

NOTE: While we faced 0 issues using these scraper settings (not even a single PV), a client with very strict filters reported having the accounts getting blocked from scraping one after another. 
This means that even with such moderate settings IG will temporarily block your scrapers if you use a lot of strict filters. What should be avoided the most is using blacklists and whitelists.


[SOCIAL PLATFORMS - Instagram] Global Settings


[MAIN] Advanced Settings

These are the Advanced Settings to use on your Main (Client) account.


[MAIN] Follow Tool settings

Follow Sources

We only set "Follow Specific Users" because here's where the scraper will send the ones it extracted.
Do not set other sources.

Follow Settings


After Follow settings

Suspend on first and second block settings


Like After Follow settings


Do not set any "User Filter" for the main account. Filters are only set in the scraper.
Why? Because the scraping is done only via the API, and your Main account is set not to use them.


[MAIN] Unfollow Tool settings

[MAIN] Story Viewer - Settings

We only watch our followers/following stories to emulate human behavior. We don't want to get followers back from them.


[MAIN] Story Viewer - Sources


[MAIN] Full Browser Experience (FBE)

The purpose of the FBE is to mix our F/UF actions with normal user behavior (scrolling the feed, looking for some geolocations, checking notifications..). 

Websites to visit:


[MAIN] Other tools


You need to send the posts from the scraper Like Tool to the main account Comment tool (see below).

Questions or feedback?

Your feedback is really appreciated. 

Let us know what work for you and what doesn't: 
mail: info@airproxy.io
telegram: @airproxy

Please always be very specific in describing what you did. That's the only way we can understand what caused which and help you or collect a useful feedback. Thank you!